The introduction of loving for Korean

Try to speak korean in Korea, and you can gradually live your more meaningful life than ever lived. Are you afraid and tired of time and cost you have to pay when travelling to and from the Korean academy ? You can learn Korean in the lowest tuition at your home or place where you feel comfortable by the best Korean language -teacher in Korea. Please, learn Korean with ease, feeling at home. Also, Korean plays an important role in acquiring a permanent residency or the license of a technician, if necessary. Finally we provide you with the information you need to know, such as korean-culture, living-law etc.

The key points of V-R Solution

- We have addressed the restriction of time and place for learning.
We have just made the system which has ability to directly commuicate each other in two ways on real-time, in monitor, when it is convenient for you to study any subjects.
- You can share documents and files with others and learn any subjects efficiently.
- Our program is inexpensive than any other solution.
- We can use several functions very easily.
- V-R solution has a remote control function, so we can control and manage a student's computer directly.

V-R solutoin for video-lecturing

    This solution is the remote-controlled educational program, which runs in real time and shares educational materials, voices, screens with students.
If you are to learn korean language, First of all you have to down-load this solution.
preparation in advance
1. A computer which can access the internet,
2. head-set with a mike
3. Web-Cam
※ If the option of your computer is low or the internet connection speed is slow, This may degrade the function of this solution.
- operating system : window XP service pack more than 2
- when downloading, save after renameing and execute !

Educational support center

    Ask any questions, and we'll give satisfactory answers to you sincerely.
• Learning support center 02 - 2671 - 9019
• Education counseling : 02 – 2671 - 9020

• Email Counseling :